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Apr 4, 2022

Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, M.D., shares insights about why science is your guide and anatomy is your savior. He will be leading the hands-on cadaver workshop at the South Beach Symposium this August, and you don't want to miss it! Other topics he covers include:  

  1. Why is a mastery of facial anatomy principles non-negotiable for cosmetic dermatologists who offer soft tissue fillers?
  2. Can you explain the basic differences between facial fillers and neurotoxins - and how to use both injectables in the same patient successfully?
  3. You'll lead the intensive Hands-On Cadaver Workshop at the 2022 South Beach Symposium. Please Explain what attendees will experience during this comprehensive training - and how the skills gained will be actionable in their practices.

  4. You've pioneered some industry-defining cosmetic techniques and procedures. Can you explain how these minimally invasive services contribute to patient satisfaction, and if the availability of noninvasive cosmetic technologies has resulted in fewer requests for more invasive surgical procedures?

  5. "Science is your guide. Anatomy is your savior." Can you explain how this quote on your website exemplifies the cosmetic dermatology specialty, and how you'll infuse this concept into your instruction of the Hands-On Cadaver Workshop this year at SBS?